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Welcome to and we had just relaunched our brand new web site to serve you better. Stay tune for updates from time to time.


29-Dec-2020: All Loose WW2 Gears will be having sales with 10% discount valid from 1st to 31st January 2021. Only for WW2 gears which are already uploaded and available in the inventory. Visit our Loose WW2 Gears section, click HERE.


01-Feb-2020: All Loose Items/Parts are entitled to a 10% discount with loose18 coupon code. Click here for details. 

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1) Loose Part section updated: 23/01/2021

  - General's Armoury GA2002 Phantom Gear And Weapon Set (Classic Version) - parted out on 23/01/2021
  - Easy & Simple 26041R 1/6 S.A.D Special Operation Group Field Raid Version - parted out on 23/01/2021
  - Easy & Simple 26039 1/6 PMC Urban Assaulter 3 - parted out on 14/01/2021
  - DID A80145 1/6 WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion Series 3 - Captain Miller - parted out on 12/12/2020
  - DID D80148 1/6 WWII German U-Boat Commander - Lehmann - parted out on 28/11/2020
  - FLAGSET FS73030 1/6 Modern Battlefield End War V Ghost - parted out on 28/11/2020
  - 3R GM644 1/6 WWII General Der Fallschirmtruppe - Kurt Arthur Benno Student - parted out on 17/10/2020

    2) Mint in Box -  Action Figure & Weapon/Accessory Set section updated: 21/01/2021
 - General's Armoury GA2002 Phantom Gear And Weapon Set (Classic Version)  newly arrived on 21/01/2021
 - FLAGSET FS73031 1/6  MODERN BATTLEFIELD END WAR  'A' newly arrived on 14/01/2021
 - Worldbox AT031 1/6 Motor Mechanic newly arrived on 12/12/2020
 - VTS TOYS VM-029 1/6 Collectible Figure - Black Skull newly arrived on 12/12/2020
 - Mini Times Toys MT-M018 1/6 Navy Seal Winter Combat Training 2.0  newly arrived on 09/08/2020
 - Soldier Story SS057 1/6 OPERATION NEPTUNE'S SPEAR SEAL TEAM VI reloaded on 04/10/2019

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