Chinese New Year Notice

We will be taking a break starting from 29th January to 6th February 2022 and there will be no shipping during this duration. Orders received will be processed for shipping again from 7th February 2022.


16th January 2022

- New arrival, Easy & Simple 06029 1/6 SCAR 20S Multi Caliber Designated Marksman Rifle Kit - Type A, B, C & D

- New arrival, DAMTOYS DMS032 1/6 The Godfather Vito Corleone

- New arrival, ALERT LINE AL100034 1/6 WWII Soviet NKVD Officer  

- New arrival, UJINDOU UD9006 1/6 Female Soldier Of The Vietcong Guerilla


9th January 2022

-  Loose gears updated -  Easy & Simple 26043B 1/6 26th MEU Maritime Raid Force VBSS

- Loose gears updated -  DAMTOYS 78083 1/6 Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation MOTORIZED RIFLE BRIGADE MOUNTAIN   


26th December 2021

- New arrival, General's Armory GA0006 1/6 HK 433 Weapon Set - Type A, B, C & D

- New arrival, Easy & Simple 26043B 1/6 26th MEU Maritime Raid Force VBSS

- Reloaded inventory, VERYCOOL VCF-2052 1/6 Russian Special Combat Women Soldier 'Miss Spetsnaz'

- Reloaded inventory, NAUTS X DAMTOYS DMS030   1/6  RESIDENT EVIL 2   LEON S.KENNEDY


4th December 2021

- Loose gears updated - Easy & Simple 26043SD 1/6 Marine Expeditionary Unit MRF MFF - Desert 

- Loose gears updated - Easy & Simple 26043SW 1/6 Marine Expeditionary Unit MRF MFF - Woodland


21st November 2021

- Easy Payment Plan is now available for CIMB and AMBANK credit card holders. Available in 6-months or 12-months installment tenure. Reach out to us via email toyztactic@gmail.com to answer your inquiry.


11th April 2021
- New Store Account login guide can be view here

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