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DID B11013 1/6 WWI British infantry Lance Corporal Tom
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Super realistic headsculpt.
WWI British MK1 brodie helmet with inner liner.
WWI British army soldiers uniform and trousers.
WWI British army Orilux trench torch.
An ALL NEW Short Magazine Lee–Enfield which is recreated from ground up to greatly improve the shape, structure and moving parts.
WWI British army flare pistol with 2 cartridges.
Many beautifully-made and practical tools including the smoke PH Hood/P helmet, small box respirator, marching compass and entrenching tool.
The leather jerkin, P14 leather belt, shoulder straps, boots, compass case, entrenching tool carrier, canteen carrier and P14 ammo pouches are made of genuine leather.


DID B11013 1/6 WWI British infantry Lance Corporal Tom


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What's in the box

Parts List:

1 Super realistic headsculpt
2 Body
3 Open palms
4 Gun holding palms
5 WWI British MK1 brodie helmet with inner liner
6 WWI British army soldiers uniform 
7 WWI British army soldiers trousers
8 Grayback shirt
9 British army leather jerkin (genuine leather)
10 Military cape
12 P14 leather belt (genuine leather)
13 Shoulder strap x 2 (genuine leather)
14 Mid-sleeve cotton one-piece suit
15 Puttees
16 Boots (genuine leather)
11 WWI British smoke PH HOOD/P helmet with carry bag
17 British small box respirator and bag
18 WWI British Haversack
19 P14 leather ammo pouch x 2 (genuine leather)
20 Entrenching tool with carrier (genuine leather)
21 1908 Helve Carrier (genuine leather)
22 WWI British army MK VII marching compass with leather case (genuine leather)
23 WWI British army canteen with carrier (genuine leather)
24 WWI D-shaped mess tin with cover
25 WWI British army Orilux trench torch
26 DID button hook
27 WWI British army flare pistol with 2 cartridges
28 WWI 1907 pattern S.M.L.E  bayonet and scabbard with frog(genuine leather)
29 Short Magazine Lee–Enfield with clip
30 The East Surrey Regiment cap badge x 1 
31 WWI British Lance Corporal Badge x 2
32 Divisional insignia x 2
33 East Surrey Regiment Shoulder Title X 2