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DAMTOYS After-School Arena - Vol.5  :   shadow
Name: After-School Arena - shadow
Introduction: DAMTOYS all-new series "After-School Arena" Vol.5: shadow

“Hold my breath, lower my body, merge into the shadow for tit for tat.”

Product Details
Product code :   MF005
Title: After-School Arena
Specifications: 1/7th scale, coated ABS & PVC, exclusive stand, overall height approx.: 250mm
Prototype design: Gao Yang
Production/ Distribution: DAMToys



* Super realistic headsculpt
* Soviet telogreika jacket (with weathering)
* Soviet  Plash-Palatka (with weathering)
* Mosin–Nagant M1891/30 sniper rifle with weathering burlap wrap
* Soviet Trench periscope with weathering pouch