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(PREORDER) General's Armoury GA1006R 1/6 U.S. Marines Kabul Evacuation 2021 MARPAT Woodland
Price RM150.00
Product SKU GA1006R
Brand General's Armoury
Points Needed 150000
Availability Pre-Order
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General's Armoury GA1006R 1/6 U.S. Marines Kabul Evacuation 2021 MARPAT Woodland


Pre Order Terms & Conditions

- Price shown is a reservation deposit only
- Reservation need to be secure with a paid pre-order
- Reservation paid will be accepted as a reservation non-refundable deposit
- Actual selling price for this item is RM780.00 (with Points Bonanza)
- Expected to be release within Q2 2022
- Pre-Order Closing On: 20-April-2022
- We will issue a supplementary invoice and to charge the remainder balance once this item is released from the manufacturer


Shipping Terms & Conditions

- Free Shipping (to selected destination, please read Shipping Policy here) is applicable with shipping without artwork box ONLY.
- Shipping with artwork box will incur extra packaging and freight charges.
- This item is available to ship as whole box set or as loose items. Please read our Shipping Policy here.

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What's in the box

Parts List:

1. Head Sculpt
2. ES-Buddy MK3 Mod 1
3. USMC OD Shirt
4. USMC Combat Utility Shirt MARPAT WOODLAND *New
5. USMC Combat Utility Pants MARPAT WOODLAND *New
6. USMC ECH Helmet
8. Gentex USMC ECH NVG Shroud *New
9. Wilcox L4G24 NVG Mount
b. Safran Optics ECOTI Clip On Thermal Sight *New
11. ESS Issued Goggles and Goggle Cover
12. Reflective Military Cat Eye Helmet Head Band
13. Invisio T5 Headset *New
14. PRC-152 with GPS
15. USMC PC GEN III (Plate Carrier Generation 3) – Tactical Configuration *New
16. HSGI Double Stack TACO *New
17. HSGI Single Stack TACO
18. Dump Pouch
19. PRC-152 Radio Pouch
20. Medic Pouch (IFAK)
21. M67 Grenade Pouch
22. Eagle Industries 100 Rd SAW/GP Pouch
23. Eagle Industries USMC Sub Belt *New
24. USMC Standard Issue M27 IAR
25. KAC QD Suppressor
26. M27 Iron Sights
27. PEQ-16
28. KAC Foregrip
29. USMC Squad Common Optic (Trijicon VCOG 1-8x28) *New
30. VCOG Mounted Red Dot Sight
31. HK Rail Cover *New
32. PMAG Gen 3
33. Blue Force Gear Standard Issue Vickers Sling
34. KAC Sling Mount
35. USMC M18 Modular Handgun System
36. Safariland Holster
37. M18 Pistol Mag
38. USMC Rocky Tropical Combat Boots *New
39. Oakley SI Gloves
40. Inner Duty Belt
41. Combat Application Tourniquet
42. M-67 Frag Grenade
43. M-18 Smoke Grenade
44. Oakley SI Frame Eye Pro
45. Surefire Helmet Light
46. Weapon Code Sticker
47. Tactical Shears
48. USMC M10 Bayonet *New
49. USMC Bayonet Holder *New
50. USMC Sidewinder Flash Light *New
51. USMC Unit / Name / Flag Patches