(PREORDER) GreenWolfGear GWG013A 1/6 Bravo Two Zero - Chris Ryan 22 SAS
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Chris Ryan, 22 Special Air Service (22 SAS).

During the 1991 Gulf War most commonly referred to as Desert Storm and in the British military Operation Granby. Chris Ryan was operating as part of callsign BRAVO TWO ZERO an eight-man SAS patrol tasked to locate Iraqi mobile SCUD missile launchers deep inside Iraq. After the patrol was compromised, he completed an escape on foot covering 190 miles through enemy territory while evading Iraqi army patrols who were tasking with locating him. He completed this in only eight days and finally crossed into Syria to safety.

This figure is based on his insertion into Iraq and the move into the patrols Lay up Point (LUP). Chris Ryan has been involved with the build of this figure advising on the equipment he carried during the operation and allowing Green Wolf Studios the opportunity to to see items that he carried so that they could be reproduced in 1/6th scale format.

(PREORDER) GreenWolfGear GWG013A 1/6 Bravo Two Zero - Chris Ryan 22 SAS


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What's in the box

Parts List:

  • Body
  • Headsculpt
  • 2 x Sets of hands
  • German army hat (as worn by him)
  • Shemagh
  • T-shirt
  • 44 Pattern SAS smock
  • Desert DPM pants
  • German Army mountain boots
  • 58 pattern belt
  • DPM load carrying rig
  • PLCE Bergan
  • M72 LAW & rocket
  • M16 with M203 grenade laucher
  • 6 x 5.56mm Stanag magazines
  • 6 x 40mm grenades
  • 40mm grenade bandolier
  • 2 x Hessian sand bags
  • British Army water jerry can
  • Waterbottle and cup
  • Silva compass
  • 1 x L109 HE grenade
  • 1 x Yellow smoke grenade
  • 1 x Red smoke grenade
  • 1991 style Casio digital watch
  • Hip flask
  • Silk evasion map
  • 4 x Gold sovereigns
  • TACBE radio