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Preorder Policy

Preorder Products:
We offers items on our site which are listed as preorders. These are items are announced by the manufacturer in advance and which will be release in future. We will receive this item from the manufacturer once it is released. By placing a preorder you are agreeing with our preorder conditions listed below:


1) Please do not order other items which are in-stock and available (regular items) with your preorder. Please ensure that your order contains ONLY preorder items and it can be multiple preorder items in one single order.

2) We recommends that it is appropriate to list a single preorder item in one order or invoice as this will help us in future when the respective preorder item(s) are released gradually.  This will allow us to bill you the exact amount of the released and available item only.


3) For customers which listed multiple preorder items through a single order or invoice, we will ONLY ship all the items to you once each preorder item(s) are released and available to us. If you want us to ship whichever preorder item that are been released individually without waiting for the entire order to be completed, FREE SHIPPING IS NOT APPLICABLE. We can ship the item upon your request and there will be additional shipping charges. 


4) Product photo is usually of a preproduction prototype. Final product may differ slightly in color and or content.


5) Product estimated ship date is from the manufacturer. Some products will miss their estimated ship date due to manufacturer delays. Toyztactic is not responsible for product delays from the manufacturer. We ship them as soon as we get them.  


6) There are certain times where the manufacturer ships them in "waves" or “batches”or delay due to logistic reason. Such will cause us delays in receiving the goods from the manufacturers but nevertheless as soon as we receive the stocks, it will be ship out as soon as we can.


7) Price: There will be two tier pricings on each preorder item. Firstly, as long the item still been listed as Pre-Order, the price shown will always be the preorder security deposit. THIS IS NOT the final and actual retail price of the item. Secondly, upon receiving the goods or stocks from the manufacturer, the following actions will be taken from us.

  • Issue a supplementary invoice on top of your preorder security deposit (security deposit is NON RETURNABLE)
  • In this supplementary invoice it indicates the balance of amount to be made payable
  • This will make up of the actual retail price of the item by totalling the amount paid in the preorder security deposit + supplementary invoice
  • Upon issuing the supplementary invoice, you will have a 7-days grace period to make the balance and final payment. 


8) Preorder Validity: You will have 7 days to secure your preorder by making a payment with Paypal or bank transfer*. Failure to receive payment after this grace period, your preorder will be automatically cancelled. We will only accept and to process preorder(s) with security deposit paid.
*Bank Transfer valid for domestic customer in Malaysia only.


9) Payment Type: We accept Paypal, Bank Transfer and Credit Card as us of mode of payment acceptance. Bank Transfer and Credit Card is only valid for domestic customer in Malaysia only.