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Super realistic headsculpt
All New - DID 1:6 Advanced Body (Slim Ver.)
German Luftwaffe Summer Flying Helmet (partial genuine leather)
German DAK Luftwaffe Tropical Sand Field Tunic and Trousers
German Luftwaffe Pilot Leather Flight Jacket (Genuine leather) and Flight Trousers
German DAK Tropical Low Boots and Flying Boots
German Luftwaffe various flight equipment including pilot oxygen mask, goggles, armband compass with genuine-leather belt, headset and microphone
German Luftwaffe Flare Pistol with 8 Cartridges
Multiple insignias for German Luftwaffe
PS: The cockpit is NOT included in all images.
Super realistic headsculpt with smile
German Luftwaffe officers white visor Cap
Aircraft tail with victory marking
German Luftwaffe life vest

PS: The cockpit is NOT included in all images.


Super realistic headsculpt.
German Kriegsmarine blue jumper shirt, pea coat and trousers.
German Kriegsmarine foul weather U-Boat deck jacket Grey (genuine leather).
German Kriegsmarine U-Boat woollen hat and sailor cap.
Beautifully-made accessories including U-Boat handheld anemometer, radio type headset C37e and signal flags etc.
Multiple insignias for U-Boat Seaman that you could switch as you wish.



The deck is made of metal and plastic. It can be assembled with a Part A and 2xPart B decks to make a more complete diorama.