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Super realistic headsculpt
All New - DID 1:6 Advanced Body(Slim Short Ver.)
German DAK tropical outfits including M40 tunic, trousers, pullover shirt, M35 desert-tan helmet, field cap and so on
German DAK tropical low boots(partial genuine leather)
MG34/42 tool pouch(genuine leather)
MG34 machine gun with drum magazine and bullet chain with bullets X6
P38 pistol with leather holster(genuine leather)


Rich and practical MG34 tools including anti-aircraft spider sight, MG Lafette wrench, double-side wrench, oil can, broken burst case extractor, broken shell extractor, sulphur container and bolt.
Brand-new MG34 spare barrel with barrel case(metal)
MG34 drum magazine (green) X 2 with carrier (plastic)
MG34 ammunition can(metal)
MG34 breech cover
MG34 wood transit chest

MG34 with the tan drum magazine, the tool pouch and the diorama that are shown in the images are NOT included in E60066. Please refer to the part list for all the accessories included in E60066


Super realistic headsculpt.
WWI British MK1 brodie helmet with inner liner.
WWI British army soldiers uniform and trousers.
WWI British army Orilux trench torch.
An ALL NEW Short Magazine Lee–Enfield which is recreated from ground up to greatly improve the shape, structure and moving parts.
WWI British army flare pistol with 2 cartridges.
Many beautifully-made and practical tools including the smoke PH Hood/P helmet, small box respirator, marching compass and entrenching tool.
The leather jerkin, P14 leather belt, shoulder straps, boots, compass case, entrenching tool carrier, canteen carrier and P14 ammo pouches are made of genuine leather.



This is a combo deal consist of the following items:-

- DID B11013 1/6 WWI British Infantry Lance Corporal Tom x 1 set
- DID E60064 1/6 WWI Trench Diorama Set B x 1 set

Super realistic headsculpt.
M1 helmet with inner liner.
HBT uniforms & M41 field jacket.
M1 Garand Rifle.
M1938 wire cutters with carrier.
Typical WWII US 2nd Ranger Battalion accessories including M1928 Haversack, M1926 inflatable floatation belt, M7 assault gas mask bag and so on.